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Most apps that fail to gain users have not invested in UX research or usability testing. When developing any digital product, your two main challenges are knowing where you’re headed and knowing when you’ve arrived.

If you want your digital product to succeed with your customers or employees, you must invest in UX research and usability testing.

Our user research and usability testing services are laser-focused on the business outcome. Depending on product maturity level, business challenges are different. For example, the goal for your brand new product is customer acquisition; for your existing product that has a customer base, the plan would be to retain the customers and not lose them to the competition. If your product is stagnating in terms of the customer base or revenue, your business challenge may be, how do you grow?

We use a combination of user research and usability testing methods to achieve your business goals. Read more here UX Research: Everything You Need to Know.

UX Research For Customer Facing or Employee Facing

At Designial, we provide UX research and usability testing services for digital products for clients around the world.


Improve Your Customer-Facing Products

  • Boost profits

  • Increase sales

  • Increase start-up valuation

  • Elevate your brand

  • Boost customer engagement


Improve Your Employee-Facing Products

  • Increase staff efficiency

  • Boost employee productivity

  • Eliminate errors

  • Lower costs

  • Improve staff retention

UX Research Services

How do you know where you’re headed? Through UX research.


The goal of UX research or user research is to understand your users. In most B2B scenarios, it’s the other (non-user) decision-makers who make most of the decisions for the users. This is understandable. Yet, when non-users determine what an app looks like and how it functions, users often fail to adopt the new app or feature. But companies that have UX research institutionalized in their design and development process meet both user goals and business goals.

At Designial, we use the right UX research strategy that encompasses several research methods to understand your customers’ pain points, and motivations, along with your business goals. We then help you determine the design and functionality of your mobile app. These methods include:


Journey Mapping


Card Sorting


enchmark Testing


Participatory Design


Field Study


Diary Study




Multivariate and A/B Testing


Eye Tracking


Usability Lab Testing


Remote Moderated Testing


Remote Unmoderated Testing

Usability Testing Services

How do you know when you’ve reached your destination? By user testing your product.


You evaluate your apps for the same reason you evaluate your marketing campaigns—to discover what’s working and isn’t. If you fail to usability test your mobile or web applications, you won’t know if your business goals are being met. Even if your app is working fine and is profitable, you’ll miss out on opportunities to increase profitability.

Our usability testing services help you understand user behavior, improve your design based on what you discover, and grow. That growth can be small and yet still deliver a massive impact on your bottom line. A gain of just 1% in user onboarding or retention can translate into millions of dollars in revenue.

Method 1: Expert Evaluation

We begin with a strategy session to understand your business goals. We use our findings to determine which evaluation method is the best fit for your app. Then we use the results of the evaluation to make recommendations for improving your UX design. Your internal UX team can implement our recommendations, or we can oversee the process for you.

Method 2: Usability Testing

Usability testing is the most accurate way to evaluate your app. And it’s less costly than having your users abandon your app for a competitor’s app or uninstall your app altogether.

We conduct our usability testing on-site or remotely, in the field (in your users’ environment), or in the lab. The process is straightforward.

Design a study - Step 1

Design Study

Recruit users - Step 2

Recruit Users

Conduct study - Step 3

Conduct Test

Analyze results - Step 4

Analyze Results

Recommend changes - Step 5


We test all of our designs before implementation so that they meet the demands of your Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We recruit users, design statistically valid tests, and then conduct the tests. Then we analyze the data and make recommendations in a written report. When we provide UX design and usability testing services, we fix all issues until your business goals are met.

Case Studies

UX Research Case Study

UX research study closed a multimillion dollar deal

How do you build consensus among a diverse group of stakeholders, including customers that are reluctant to make any changes?

Healthcare-UX-Success Story- Designial

Reduced time on task from several hours to minutes

How do you reduce time on a HIPAA compliant task from several hours to a few minutes? And provide an app solution for the sales team that is on the go?

Digital Transformation Strategy Case Study

6x efficiency achieved

How do you reduce six different tools to just one? How do you improve employee user experience to boost customer engagement?

UX Design Case Study

Grow revenue by adding a new sales channel

How do you add a new channel for revenue successfully? How do you increase customer engagement to drive up sales? How do you acquire digitally native customers?

When To Hire Designial

Need a digital solution partner with UX research expertise? Here are the top three reasons clients hire us.


You lack the budget to hire a full-time UX research team



Your UX research team doesn't have the bandwidth



Your team doesn't have the UX research expertise 

Need a UX Research Team To Asses Usability?