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Are your dreams outpacing your reality?


If your UX team is typical, you can’t take on another digitization project right now for one of three reasons. Either your team is small and doesn’t have any spare bandwidth. Or your budget is squeezed and has no spare funds available. Or your team lacks the domain expertise you need for this particular app. And yet you need to design and implement a new digital solution. What to do?

UX Design. On time. On budget.

At Designial, we deliver UX design services for companies around the world.


Faster Implementation

Since the clock is rarely on your side, we deliver measurable business results within days, not weeks or months.


Domain Expertise

Experience building consensus among diverse stakeholders, including CXOs at Fortune 500's.


Research Based

We deliver UX research-based design that’s tested for usability. We never trust our gut. Or yours.

The UX Design Process

At Designial, we utilize the proven design process



We start by understanding your business challenges. We sit down with your executive team, users, employees, customers, engineers, product managers, and other stakeholders to understand the challenges you face that need to be resolved with a mobile app. We also like to understand which hardware or devices, phones, tablets, PC/Mac, or larger screens, you want to target and why.


Based on what we heard during the discovery stage, we can recommend devices, phones, tablets, PCs/Mac, or larger screens. We then start by creating a UX strategy that reflects the needs of your business and your primary customers or users. UX strategy helps define details on the following-
• Business problems and their prioritization
• Outcomes
• Challenges
• Differentiators compared to the competition
• How do we measure success
• Who the users are vs. customers
• Benefits/motivations for them
• Hypotheses and riskiest assumptions


We begin by recruiting roughly seven of your primary users to discover their needs. Whether they are employees or customers, we map out their user journeys. UX research enables you to understand user behavior in their natural environment. By understanding user behavior, you can design your product that helps users and businesses achieve their goals. Different methods are used based on what findings are relevant for the business outcome.


A wireframe is a grayscale representation of a product. During this stage of the design process, the focus is on the layout, screen elements, and how users will interact with them that is inline with platform (iOS/Android/Web) interaction standards. At this time, we intentionally keep out colors, fonts, and other aesthetic aspects of design.

Visual Design

This stage is the branding stage of the product design. Use either existing brand guidelines or define new guidelines. During this stage, the focus is on colors, fonts, and other aesthetic aspects to achieve optimal visual hierarchy. The purpose is to present information in a way that users can easily find what they are looking for to achieve their goals.

Usability Testing

We test all of our designs before implementation so that they meet the demands of your Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We recruit users, design statistically valid tests, and then conduct the tests. Then we analyze the data and make recommendations in a written report. When we provide UX design and usability testing services, we fix all issues until your business goals are met.


From our experience, handoff between the design and engineering team isn't always easy. If needed, our team oversees and supports the implementation of our UX design strategy. We work alongside your development team to ensure UX strategy implementation meets your goals and business objectives.

Case Studies

UX Strategy Case Study

6x efficiency achieved

How do you reduce six different tools to just one? How do you improve employee user experience to boost customer engagement?

Healthcare UX Success Story- Designial

Reduced time on task from several hours to minutes

How do you reduce time on a HIPAA compliant task from several hours to a few minutes? And provide an app solution for the sales team that is on the go?

UX Research Case Study

UX research study closed a multimillion dollar deal

How do you build consensus among a diverse group of stakeholders, including customers that are reluctant to make any changes?

UX Design Case Study

Grow revenue by adding a new sales channel

How do you add a new channel for revenue successfully? How do you increase customer engagement to drive up sales? How do you acquire digitally native customers?

When to hire Designial

Need a digital solution partner with your industry experience? Here are the top three reasons clients hire us.


You lack the budget to hire a full-time internal team to design an enterprise-grade digital solution right now



Your UX team doesn't have the bandwidth, or it's not large enough to work on a digital solution right now



You lack the domain expertise needed to design your particular digital solution

Need UX Design that delivers measurable results?