Over 90% saving in time

Comprehensive UX design solution reduced time on task from several hours to minutes.



A leading manufacturer of medical devices used in interventional medical specialties and generates annual sales of roughly $9 billion.


How do you reduce time on task drastically and provide an app solution for the sales team that is always on the go? So the primary users were the sales reps. In addition to sales, they had to program the implantable device and spend hours and sometimes days registering the device and document patient information. iPad app brought that time down to minutes. The app also eliminated the need to refer to any other documentation or pick up the phone for support. Users who are mostly on the road could now use the app on the go.



One of the many UX design success stories. A digital strategy that involved an iPad app to replace the legacy PC application. The project started with stakeholder interviews to understand business goals. Then UX research, including user interviews and contextual inquiry. Analyzed the findings, and based on that, UX researcher then produced personas for target users. The UX researcher socialized the research findings with a broader business and development team so that every member of the team understands the basis for our design solution. The UX design process followed with user flows and wireframes. After wireframes were frozen, the design team created visual design in-line with company branding guidelines. The UX team built a clickable prototype for usability testing and tweaked the design solution based on the feedback until the user and business goals were achieved. The development team then used the prototype and visual style guide toward the final product. The UX team supported the engineering team through the entire development and QA team for testing to make sure precise implementation. UX design success needs including UX research, iterative design, building consensus among all stakeholders, and usability testing the solution before it is rolled out to a larger audience.


Time on task saved


Productivity improvement


Reduction in training & support calls


Increased sales


Digital Strategy


UX Research


UX Design


App Development


Sales team’s productivity increased significantly. Errors drastically reduced. The experience for accurately registering the implant device improved, including time-saving. As a result, sales team increased sales.

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