Digital Transformation Strategy

Your success requires insights gained only through research


There isn’t an app for that


Digital transformation isn’t about software. It’s about strategy. If your organization needs to digitize manual, offline processes, then the first thing you need isn’t an app—it’s insights. Insights that you can only gain by researching and understanding your users.

Digital transformation strategy. Delivered.

At Designial, we develop B2B digital transformation strategies for companies around the world.



  • Increase revenue

  • Attract new customers

  • Retain existing customers

  • Gain market share

  • Stay ahead of your competition



  • Increase profits

  • Boost employee productivity

  • Eliminate errors

  • Lower costs

  • Improve staff retention

Digital transformation done right

At Designial, we deliver UX design services for companies around the world.


Faster Implementation

Since the clock is rarely on your side, we deliver measurable business results within days, not weeks or months.


Domain Expertise

Experience building consensus among diverse stakeholders, including CXOs at Fortune 500's.


Research Based

We deliver UX research-based design that’s tested for usability. We never trust our gut. Or yours.

The Digital Transformation Process



We start by understanding your business challenges. We sit down with your executive team, users, employees, customers and other stakeholders to understand the challenges you are facing that need to be resolved with a digital solution.


Our approach is unique because our recommended strategy is always based on UX research. We benchmark where you are today, and document what your future state looks like. We discover the drawbacks of your current system and processes, and document what you want to achieve with your future system.


We create a blueprint that shows you how to get from your current state to your desired future state, whether that’s a native mobile app, a web application or something else. We describe the process, and specify the goals you need to meet along the way to make your digital transformation project a success.

Concept Design

We include a rough design concept with our digital transformation strategy. This way, you get a visual idea of the software the strategy recommends. We design the concept to meet the unique requirements of your users, your business challenge and your technology stack.


If needed, our team oversees the implementation of our strategy. We work alongside your team to make sure our strategy is implemented in a way that meets your goals and business objectives.

Case Studies

Healthcare-UX-Success Story

Reduced time on task from several hours to minutes

How do you reduce time on a HIPAA compliant task from several hours to a few minutes? And provide an app solution for the sales team that is on the go?

UX Design Case Study

Grow revenue by adding a new sales channel

How do you add a new channel for revenue successfully? How do you increase customer engagement to drive up sales? How do you acquire digitally native customers?

Digital Transformation Strategy Case Study

6x efficiency achieved

How do you reduce six different tools to just one? How do you improve employee user experience to boost customer engagement?


UX research study closed a multimillion dollar deal

How do you build consensus among a diverse group of stakeholders, including customers that are reluctant to make any changes?

When to hire Designial

Need a digital solution partner with your industry experience? Here are the top three reasons clients hire us.


You lack the budget to hire a full time digital team



Your digital transformation team doesn't have the required expertise 



Your digital team doesn't have the bandwidth right now

Need a Digital Trasnformation Strategy That Delivers Measurable Results?