Grow revenue by adding a new sales channel

An additional channel of revenue while elevating the brand



One of the world’s top-three educational publishers, specializing in reference books and trade publications for the medical, business and engineering professions.


How do you increase sales in the industry that is losing ground to digital channels including, eReaders, tablets, and smartphones? Our client wanted to boost sales of its books on public speaking to an audience that was increasingly turning to mobile apps.



Our solution- embrace the digital revolution instead of resisting it. We developed a public speaking iPhone and Android App that highlights the value of the book. If the audience finds the app useful, they will pick up the book. The typical readers were highschool students who were preparing to deliver a speech. The app gave public-speaking tips and promoted our client’s books on the topic. Our development approach included designing and developing mobile apps to address specific challenges associated with the target users, such as their age, ability to scale several thousands of users that may use the apps. Mobile app development success depended on app performance, which contributes to the best user experience.
We worked in close collaboration with the business stakeholders to device a digital strategy that included developing native apps as opposed to the web or hybrid apps. It is tempting to go all out and build for all platforms at once; from our experience, we advised the client to stagger the development for one platform than the other platforms. The advantage- you get to learn and close any loose ends before investing in the development of the app for the next platform. It’s very complicated to do that on various platforms at once.
The execution of this mobile app development success led to an increase in book sales. We helped the client to develop more book companion apps.


Increase in profits


Increase in sales


Customer engagement


Brand elevation


Digital Strategy


UX Research


UX Design


App Development


The app boosted awareness of our client’s brand, boosted sales, and delivered a new channel for engaging potential customers.

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