Raj Adhav

Raj has 20+ years of experience in the UX industry. Before starting designial, Raj led UX research & design teams for companies such as Wipro Digital, Moody's Analytics, TCS, SITA (Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques), and IBM. Raj and his teams have launched over 200 iOS and Android apps and over 400 web apps for over 100 global companies in various industry sectors. Leveraging decades of enterprise experience, Raj helps start-up founders, CEOs, product managers, and SMB business owners achieve real business outcomes through innovative UX design and design-led app development. Business outcomes like an increase in customer acquisition, an increase in retention, a boost in sales, and reduced time on task. Unlike the competitors, we use UX research to focus on the bottom line instead of wasting time and money on arbitrary features. Raj earned his master’s in Communication and Media Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences at FH-Offenburg, Germany. He wrote his graduate research thesis in UX and AR/VR.

Stories by Raj

UX Design

How to use mobile-first to gain customers

Mobile-first apps is why amazon is the largest online seller with 150 million users. What about your app? Designial can help design your app.