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Increase the Business Profitability by Improving Employee Experience



How to increase the business profitability by improving employee experience - designial - employee experience design company

Many businesses ask themselves, how can I improve my customer experience? They forget about the people who create that experience, which is the employees. Instead business should ask, How can I improve the morale of my employees, and help them be successful? Successful companies like Google, Costco, and Hubspot focus on their employee experience management. 

Employee experience management (EX) is creating a form of employee interactions to increase productivity, better customer satisfaction, and exceed expectations. 

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New and yearly stages product

The first stages of a product or service are the most difficult part to bring in a new customer. Having a disgruntled employee selling a product will have very low success. For example, “How does the morale of an employee affect my sales?” A worker who is happy overall with a business will put effort into selling a product or service. Which in return will lead to more signups and sales? EX can help both employees and businesses to have success. 

Mature Products  

During the mature product, stages are when consumers start looking for other options. This is when businesses should look for ways to empower their employees through employee engagement. By asking themselves how they can improve their employee mindset and success rate. What are the tools that can help my employee? Which type of work environment do my employees need? How can do I keep my employees happy?

Growth Stage Products

In this stage, the product will become either old or stagnant. Having Employee experience management will prepare both business and employees to reach the next level of growth. Employees will be prepared to face challenges and will be satisfied with the work environment. At the end of the day, the employees are the ones who are bringing back results. 

Creating a work culture to increase productivity 

Every business should have a culture that resembles their core values. Such as beliefs, values, and traditions. Having a strong culture will benefit both business and employees. The employees interact with the work culture on a daily basis. It has a large effect on your employee’s attitude. It can empower them, motivate them, and push them. One of the companies with the best work culture is Google. 

Google is the largest search engine with 92.42% of search engine market worldwide. One of the main reasons is because of their work culture. They offer their employees flexible schedules, in return, their workers have higher productivity and creativity. They also have a fun environment such as dog-friendly workplaces, perks, and etc. Google also shares their values from the top to the bottom. Not only are Google employees smart but also are good-hearted people. Who believes in working as a team for their goal. Which is To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Lastly, google trust their employees and focus on their happiness. It said highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable. So why not improve your work culture with employee experience management for better results. 

Using operational data to improve employee engagement 

Most companies are focused on tracking their consumers. From their purchasing history to their interest. Businesses should start focusing on their employees, who make it run. Tracking the employee’s performance and experience data will give the business insight on their workers. 

For example, a company is trying to sell its new product or service. To motivate employees they offer a reward to them. Once this is in action the company can track their employee’s performance. From there they can ask the employee if the perk is motivating them. If the reward is not effective then the business can come up with something else. Many companies use different perks to motivate their employees. Such as fitness centers, flexibility, bonuses, and etc. Using data to improve (EX) will have large returns for the company. It is said that when employees are happy they experience 31% higher productivity. Which will lead to better results overall for the business?

Investing in the workplace for EX

Businesses need to start looking into investing in the workplace. Employees no longer are just looking for a weekly paycheck. Many are also looking for a workplace that does will support them and help them out. Do companies need to ask themselves what can we invest in to help my employee’s productivity? How can we make the workplace feel less stressful?

The best way to improve EX is by investing in technology that will make the job easier for the employee. For example, Boeing uses wearable technology that makes the electrical wiring process easier. The worker no longer has to spend hours looking into a book to figure out the steps to wire an airplane. This makes life easier for the employee and more work can be done. Chatbots can also be used for the workplace. There are moments in which an employee needs help and has a question. Instead of waiting for IT person or a higher up. They can ask the chatbot and within seconds have the answer. This cut down on downtime and lets the employee get back to work. Investing in digital innovation in the workplace will make work more efficient with positive results. 

Employee facing 

Employee experience is a tool that makes the workplace feel less like a work area. It makes the employee feel appreciated and feel like their voices are being heard. It makes life easier for them and brings the best out of the worker. A happy employee leads to better results and an edge on the competitors.


EX is not only beneficial for employees but also for the customer. An employee who feels appreciated at the workplace will go above and beyond for the consumer. The customer will feel like their business is valued. Employee experience and Customer experience go hand to hand. EX will keep the employee’s morale up, which leads to a positive customer experience. 


Employee experience is especially needed in moments like the one the world is facing during the COVID pandemic. Businesses need to feel empathy for their customers and employees. These are stressful moments mentally and emotionally for the workers. It is important for companies to make the employees feel appreciated and encouraged. In return, these employees will still loyal to the company. It also will lead to larger results when the pandemic is over. Businesses who don’t take their employee’s wellbeing seriously will struggle when everything reopens. 


In conclusion, employee experience is just as important as the customer experience. A happy employee will lead to positive outcomes. To learn how Designial can help with your employee experience, talk to us.

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